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Are you concerned that someone is listening in? Do you feel that your privacy has been compromised? Are your conversations and secrets being exposed?

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Advanced Florida Security & Investigation conducts Eavesdropping Detection - Bug Sweeps, Miniature Pinhole Covert Spy Camera Detection, comprehensive Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services, and more throughout South Florida.

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Bug Sweep TSCM Audio Video Detection

Advanced Florida Security & Investigation utilizes state-of-the-art eavesdropping detection equipment for all sorts of operations, big or small. We detect bugs - electronic surveillance devices- in your home, office, motor vehicles, boats, and more. Our TSCM, Bug Sweep Audio Video Detection services, can help you find out who, what and why.


20+ Years of Surveillance Experience

What are Bugging Devices?

Bugging devices are small, hyper- sophisticated and easily disguised. They can range from Room Transmitters and Listening Devices that are minute and transmit conversations over a cellular service, to Telephone Wiretaps. Bugging devices can be installed anywhere along the phone line or in the form of covert and concealed cameras that transmit video and audio signals.

Corporate Commercial & Residential Bug Sweep

Advanced Florida Security & Investigation offers bug sweep & detection, and counter surveillance services for planted devices at your home, work or any other environment. Learn why you’re being bugged, and the intent behind it. If you suspect you’re being bugged or believe your personal space is being invaded, trust us to find the proof. Our team checks a Wide Frequency Spectrum of transmissions & camera devices in every nook & cranny. We also consult on how to prevent devices from being installed in the future!

Bug Sweep experts, Eavesdropping Detection in Miami metropolitan area, Greater Miami Area, South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Weston, Plantation, Miami Gardens, Sunny Isles , Miami-Dade County, Broward County & Palm Beach County.

Advanced Florida Security & Investigation’s Technical Surveillance Countermeasures are designed and implemented following a sweep to help prevent any devices from being installed in the future. With our eavesdropping detection equipment, sweeping for listening devices and covert cameras, you can rest assured your sensitive private information is kept safe.

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Why Hire Bug Sweep experts to clear your Home and Office?

Advanced Florida Security & Investigation’s Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services covers a wide spectrum. You may find you rely on these services for the following reasons:

  • – Business complications
  • – Domestic complications
  • – Corporate support services
  • – Training in preventative measures
  • – Miniature Pinhole Covert Camera Detection
  • – Business & Personal conversation interception analysis
  • – Motor vehicle GPS tracking and audio transmission inspection & detection
  • – Active radio-transmitters (audio, video, cellular and data) detection
  • – Detection of rogue Wi-Fi access points on your networks
  • – Digital bugs and cameras operating via Wi-Fi detection
  • – Wide Frequency Spectrum Analysis
  • – Physical and technical searches
  • – Proof & evidence
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    Advanced Florida Security & Investigation conducts comprehensive TSCM services - Eavesdropping Detection - Bug Sweeps, Miniature Pinhole Covert Camera Detection and more.

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